EIR WS Advanced Compensation Analytics

Create Fast, Accurate, Real-time, Advanced Compensation Reports

EIR WS Advanced Compensation Analytics is a seamless extension that provides simple, real-time, advanced compensation reports to Managers, Executives, HR and Compensation Administrator. These customizable reports can help manage plan budgets, allow quick analysis, identify internal equity gaps and easy calibration for executives to complete the cycle.

Helpful when…

  • You need executive quality reports for Leaders and HR during compensation planning that go beyond the capabilities of the SuccessFactors reporting solution.
  • You currently produce executive quality reports, but the manual process takes too long. By the time the reports are produced, the reports need to be re-run.
  • You already have a home-grown solution, but internal resources to fix and enhance it are not readily available.


Case Study / Success Story

It was taking a team of 8 people at a nationwide retailer to prepare executive Reports during the compensation cycle. By the time the reports were generated, they needed to be generated again in order to reflect updates. EIR Advanced Compensation Analytics automated the process, reduced the report generation turn-around time to minutes and provided a robust executive approval process.

EIR WS Incentive Plan Design

Create a Complete Inventory of all Incentive Plans

EIR WS Incentive Plan Design provides of way to create a  central repository of all incentive plans by facilitating the plan design process and the capture of incentive plan  results. Integrates with SAP® SuccessFactors® Variable Pay.

Helpful when…

  • You need a collaborative tool to track all incentive plans in your organization for compliance and reporting purposes
  • You need a mechanism to help each country/location/business unit/function make decisions on aspects of the plan that fit their particular needs within guidelines you set
  • You need to streamline the process of capturing results for measures such as safety, quality, customer satisfaction index, etc
  • You need to generate advanced reports and analytics on the effectiveness of your incentive plans
  • You need to model new incentive plans and compare with prior year plans


Case Study / Success Story

A global compensation team at a multinational company was manually gathering, tracking and reporting on over 300 MIP and Non-MIP incentive plans using individual spreadsheets to provide business leaders the data to model, compare and set targets for the new year. This spreadsheet intensive process was replaced with the our Incentive Plan Design application, saving hundreds of administrative hours and making it possible to have a full inventory of incentive plans and report on it.

EIR WS Accruals

Replace Manual Accrual Processes with Automated Calculations

EIR helps organizations leverage their variable pay template to calculate monthly accruals and generate specific accrual reports. EIR WORKstream provides tools to help automates data scrubbing tasks and data transfer tasks to make monthly accrual generation fast and simple.

Helpful when…

  • You find it difficult and cumbersome to prepare and distribute the monthly accruals report(s) for finance.
  • You have a home-grown system solution for accruals, but internal resources are not readily available.


Case Study / Success Story

After implementing all of their variable pay incentive plans on SuccessFactors, a healthcare organization was looking for a way to leverage their SuccessFactors Variable Pay template to calculate monthly accruals and generate key reports. EIR WORKstream coupled with EIR Professional Services automated the data scrubbing and transfer process making the accrual calculation and reporting process easy and quick.

EIR WS Incentive Pool Management

Make It Possible to Track an Reconcile Many Incentive Pools

Fully integrated with SAP® SuccessFactors® Compensation and Variable Pay. EIR WS Incentive Pool Management automatically tracks Direct Drive and Target-based incentive plan pools. Provide total compensation and pay program specific reporting at the employee level.

Helpful when…

  • You have several incentive pools 10, 100, or more and need to reconcile your budget at both the planner and the pool level
  • You need a collaborative mechanism to cascade the incentive pool to leaders within those pools
  • You need to make quick adjustments to incentive pools during the planning process and have the system update the budget in SuccessFactors® automatically


Case Study / Success Story

The largest privately held organization in the United States used a home-grown solution to manage incentive pools for over 300 incentive plans. The home-grown application could not integrate in real-time with SAP® SuccessFactors® making it difficult to cascade pool budgets to the right planner. EIR Incentive Pool Management replaced the home-grown system and enabled business leaders to manage their own pools, cascade their pool budget and reconcile pool spent in real-time throughout the planning cycle.

EIR WS Budget Transfer

Under/Over Spend Decisions No Longer Lost

EIR’s WS Budget Transfer ensures data accuracy and saves time by automating your data preparation process for SAP® SuccessFactors® solutions. Employee information can be siloed, inconsistent and/or contain exceptions that need to be captured and adjusted. This extension allows clients to run scheduled or ad hoc reports based on validated, accurate information; providing automation to an otherwise manual process.

Helpful when…

  • Planners borrow from or loan budget to other planners but they need to track those transactions and enforce them during compensation planning
  • Managers need the ability to exchange budgets while ensuring there is no over/under spend situations


Case Study / Success Story

One of the largest companies in the world has a budget transfer process allowing managers to allocate budget to non-direct report. This process involved HR to approve a manager’s transfer. EIR Platform Automation delivered a central repository providing fast, easy access and accurate information ensuring managers and HR align budgets and spending.

Budget Over Under Screen

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EIR WORKSTREAM Product Sheet Library

WS Advanced Compensation Analytics Product Sheet (PDF)
WS Incentive Plan Design Product Sheet (PDF)
WS Accruals Product Sheet (PDF)
WS Incentive Pool Management Product Sheet (PDF)
WS Budget Transfer Product Sheet (PDF)

The Big Picture


EIR is a SAP Build and Service Partner and a SAP PartnerEdge Certified Implementation Partner, EIR’s team of compensation and talent management experts specialize in implementing and optimizing the SAP® SuccessFactors® Perform & Reward solution. Through software and services, EIR’s mission is to maximize the value of each customer’s investment in SAP SuccessFactors solutions related to compensation.

Compensation reviews are complex, cyclical, time sensitive processes in every organization
Numerous steps involving HR, HRBP, HRIS, Comp, and Reviewers (managers, executives, etc.)
Multiple tasks resulting in user-facing actions (recommend, report, communicate to employees)
Many more tasks are associated with the back office plan design, inventory, budget management, rules, etc.
The ideal system automates & streamlines actions for every user level