EIR Service Offerings

EIR’s team of Talent Management and Compensation experts specialize in implementing and optimizing the SAP® SuccessFactors® Perform & Reward modules.

Enterprise Information Resources is a SAP SuccessFactors Certified  Build and Services Partner.

Implementation and Optimization

EIR provides comprehensive implementation services for Compensation, Variable Pay, and all Talent Management modules (Performance & Goals, Calibration, 360/Multi-Rater Review, Career and Succession Planning). EIR also provides hands-on configuration assistance for existing SuccessFactors implementations where optimization is needed including:

  • Adding new incentive plans
  • Rolling out plans to additional countries
  • Implementing performance and goal programs
  • Integrating Compensation and Variable Pay to EC
  • Reducing manual workarounds
  • Improve on a prior implementation and more
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EIR Implementation and Optimization Services provide hands-on configuration assistance for existing SuccessFactors instances where updates or changes are needed.

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Post Go-Live Super (Hypercare)

Following the launch of the application by EIR, clients may wish to have EIR On-Call support during “live” cycles, in addition to SuccessFactors support options. Using a weekly retainer, clients subscribe to immediate and continued support services from EIR’s support team.

Post Go-Live Support typically entails:

  • Providing guidance on data issues
  • Administrator life-line calls
  • Providing advice on real-time scenarios

Cycle Prep

Once your environment is stabilized and well optimized, EIR Cycle Prep services provides assistance with yearly on-going activities such as:

  • Cloning templates for the new cycle
  • Making minor confi­guration adjustments
  • Training refreshers
  • Support for testing
  • Migration of changes to production

Administration Support

EIR’s Administration Support team helps with data management, completing routine tasks, and keeping SuccessFactors current and updated throughout the “live” cycle.

EIR can support you with:

  • Loading data and updating tables
  • Managing data and reconciliation issues
  • Supporting non-confi­guration changes
  • Creating documentation and checklists

Administrative Support is purchased in advance in time blocks per-day (typically 2-4 hours per day) for a specific time period. EIR dedicates and assigns specific support team resources for this speci­fied time to ensure that the client’s needs are met.

Custom Development

EIR also specializes in leveraging advanced SuccessFactors capabilities to create:

  • Custom compensation statements
  • Customized/ New YouCalc widgets
  • Advanced Ad-Hoc and ORD reports

With the help of WORKstream Suite, EIR can create deliverables not possible in SuccessFactors such as:

  • Interfaces for payroll and stock administration
  • Sophisticated audit reports
  • Automated processes to help prepare variable pay configuration files, variable pay employee history and special flags for compensation planning

For the most popular custom development requests, EIR has gone even further by creating packaged software solutions as part of our WORKstream Suite designed to streamline every step of your compensation process.

Ask The Expert

Having access to SuccessFactors confi­guration experts can be invaluable for existing EIR clients.

Our client administrators use “Ask the Expert” when:

  • Administrators are making con­figuration changes themselves and additional guidance and advice are needed
  • System Administrator training is required
  • There is a need to better understand new features, functionality and con­figuration
  • Assistance is needed with Proof of Concept confi­guration change.

During an “Ask the Expert” session, the client administrator completes the “hands-on” system work, guided by the EIR Expert. System provisioning access for EIR is not required. “Ask the Expert” sessions are scheduled in advance by the client with the EIR Expert and are purchased based on the number of “Ask the Expert” sessions required.

 “The EIR Team understood our current and future needs and challenges and helped us plan accordingly. We were extremely pleased with their support and knowledge and their partnership made our project a great success.”
National Medical Device Company