EIR Service and Technology Approach

Human Experience Management (HXM) is a crucial enabler of business value. It is foundational to our client’s success. EIR’s experts elevate HXM business processes by implementing and optimizing the SAP SuccessFactors® HXM suite.

Enterprise Information Resources is a SAP SuccessFactors®, Certified Build and Services Partner.


Make your HXM processes more impactful and reliable with EIR. We have helped over 100 clients transform their Human Experience Management (HXM) business processes using our process improvement framework. Speed to value is paramount. So is taking a long view of better business outcomes. Supporting clients’ business processes is why we use SAP SuccessFactors® alongside our WORKstream extension technology—to help clients transform their capabilities. From there, we leverage automation and deploy a continuous improvement process. Clients’ procedures can then evolve alongside their ever-changing business needs.

Our implementation process includes:

  • Understanding the interdependent nature of different applications
  • Articulating downstream effects of decision-making
  • Identifying change management opportunities and roadblocks
  • Continuous process improvement via annual support


A comprehensive SAP SuccessFactors® assessment will deliver the insight you need to improve business performance. EIR will start by analyzing your current environment and offer recommendations for greater productivity and efficiency. Advising on real-time data issues is just the beginning. Our approach enhances Human Experience Management (HXM) workflows and overall business output. By adopting process automation using our WORKstream technology, you can lower costs and conserve valuable resources all while measuring progress and ensuring technological optimizations contribute to desired outcomes.

EIR provides hands-on experience with:

  • Adding new features or functions and rolling out SuccessFactors® to new countries
  • Integrating within the SuccessFactors® suite (or to third-party extensions)
  • Reducing manual workarounds or generally improving on prior implementation
  • Recommending enhancement opportunities with our “Ask the Expert” sessions

Annual Support

As a leading SuccessFactors® HXM solution consulting partner, EIR has tailored our Annual Support Services to serve clients better. At the core of this is our on-demand ticketing system. Most organizations have experienced Human Resource Information Systems (HRIS) support teams. EIR’s Annual Support Budget gives clients an unmatched level of service to help in these situations. Here, clients can ask questions, request quotes, resolve issues, or trigger on-demand support through a simple ticketing system.

These are the benefits of EIR’s managed services:

  • The ability to get help from experts through the ticketing system
  • Money saved on staff and training, with more predictable costs
  • More seamless delivery of the SuccessFactors® application
  • The timely review and diagnosis of each ticket
  • The ability to track, report, and communicate directly through the ticketing system

SuccessFactors® Extensions

WORKstream is built on SAP’s Business Technology Platform (BTP) and extends the world-class SuccessFactors® solution. The application lets clients automate manual processes, integrate SuccessFactors® with other apps, and transform raw data into useful information. While most implementations are still done manually, WORKstream automates crucial aspects of this process—reducingtime and costs while increasing speed to value. The extension uses pre-built integrations and EIR’s complex calculations engineto streamline the data conversion process and to connect SuccessFactors® with third-party applications faster

Once live, WORKstream allows clients to:

  • Automate critical business processes such as monthly accruals
  • Streamline global payroll processes
  • Enhance system notifications such as notifications to external candidates
  • Extend SuccessFactors® to meet the specific needs
  • Provide just-in-time advanced reports and analytics to Managers, Executives, HR, and Administrators during the Compensation Planning process

EIR Specialty Services

Ask the Expert

EIR clients appreciate the opportunity to work with SuccessFactors® solution architects and configuration experts. Working with our experts is where clients use our “Ask the Expert” sessions. During these sessions, the client completes “hands-on” system work under the guidance of an EIR expert. Sessions are scheduled in advance and used based on the client’s needs, and system provisioning is not required.

Client administrators invest in “Ask the Expert” sessions when they need:

  • To make configuration changes independently
  • Additional guidance on new features, functionalities, and configurations
  • Assistance with conceptualizing configuration changes
  • System Administrator training

Post Go-Live Support (Hypercare)

After EIR launches the application, clients may choose to have on-call support during “live” cycles—in addition to their existing SuccessFactors® support. Built on a weekly retainer, clients can subscribe to immediate or ongoing support services.

Our comprehensive Post Go-Live Support includes:

  • Guidance on data issues
  • Advice on real-time scenarios
  • Administrator “lifeline” calls
  • A true partner available when needed

Compensation Cycle Prep

Compensation cycles may seem easy to navigate but can become problematic. Yet, clients need the right processes In place. The first step is to stabilize and optimize the compensation cycle environment.

From there, EIR can help with ongoing activities such as:

  • Template cloning for the new compensation cycle
  • Minor configuration adjustments
  • Training refreshers
  • Testing support
  • Change migration

SuccessFactors® Development

Optimize performance with EIR as your trusted partner. Our expert team leverages advanced SuccessFactors® functionalities to create custom statements, new or updated YouCalc widgets, and advanced Ad-Hoc, ORD reports and People Stories. Leveraging the WORKstream Suite, we also help clients produce deliverables that go beyond the standard SuccessFactors® capabilities.

These include:

  • Payroll, Benefits and Stock administration interfaces to name a few
  • Sophisticated audit reports
  • Additional automated processes to prepare and upload files to SuccessFactors® Custom SAP BTP applications
Contact: Ross Dubuc