Our passion is for helping people who deliver Human Capital Management solutions to their organizations. With over 20 years of experience working with different-sized clients in diverse businesses, we can understand their HCM business challenges and share suggested solutions. Our approach is to closely engage with what our clients are saying, asking relevant questions, and by way of understanding your full process, then find the way to leverage SuccessFactors® HXM to solve your challenges. Time is one of our clients’ most precious resources, so we deliver these solutions efficiently and effectively.


Our client’s projects are multifaceted business process improvement and technology projects using diverse and varied client personnel. Our approach understands the complexity of managing the project resources and time, interpreting complex, various business requirements, configuring individual modules of SuccessFactors®, testing the solution to meet client needs, and ensuring we transfer knowledge while delivering a value-based solution. Our team of expert’s approach provides more specific value to these functions while reducing overall costs. We generally assign specialists in project management, solution architecture, SuccessFactors® module lead, and coordinator for administrative activities. Along with our governance model, this approach helps us to deliver successful projects on-time and on-budget.

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EIR helps to transform your HCM business processes. By working with 100 companies on HCM process centric projects our clients understand how our expert’s experience enabled by technology can be a framework for improving processes. First and foremost, we collaborate with clients to understand the purpose and goals of their HCM process and then design an implementation approach to transform these processes. Our process-first implementation framework ensures alignment of operations with enabling technologies. Our framework creates a data-driven optimization process, that dentifies inefficiencies, and transforms HCM processes. Leveraging technology effectively to improve processes and employee experiences is imperative, along with innovative technology like SAP SuccessFactors and our WORKstream automation tools,we also  use innovations like generative artificial intelligence. We help our clients understand the technology’s capabilities and think about how they can be used in the long term to transform existing processes by automating them fully. Finally, we deploy a continuous improvement process to ensure procedures are updated to the ever-changing business needs with fast, easy access to compensation.


Whether you have just implemented SuccessFactors, or you have been a client for a while, EIR can help optimize your SuccessFactors technology. Enhancing a client’s SF technology typically entails providing guidance on data issues, general questions from client administrators, and providing advice on real-time scenarios. EIR also provides hands-on configuration assistance for all our existing SuccessFactors clients where optimization is needed, this may include adding in new features or functions, rolling-out SuccessFactors to additional countries, integrating within the SF suite of products or to other third parties, reducing manual workarounds and generally improving on a prior implementation.We also have “Ask the Expert” sessions, where a client administrator completes the “hands-on” system work, guided by the EIR Expert, or reviews your end-to-end process and recommends potential enhancement opportunities for your consideration. System provisioning access for EIR is not required
if you should require additional “Ask the Expert” support.


EIR|WORKstream extends SuccessFactors HXM Solutions. EIR|WORKstream (WS) accelerates Human Capital Management(HCM) process transformation projects by enhancing the already robust suite of HXM products. WS is a digital transformation platform designed to provide more business value through improved HCM processes while empowering HCM Teams to deliver services more effectively at faster speeds and lower costs. WS’s innovation is that it helps to migrate data and provide seamless integration between SAP products and third parties EIR can help you leverage your HR technology investment across the entire Human Capital Management Process. From recruiting to off boarding. EIR has experts to help optimize your end to end HR processes.

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