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Today, managing talent in a rapidly changing business environment’ involves addressing multifaceted challenges while developing a future-ready workforce.

SAP® SuccessFactors® Offers

a full Suite of Talent Management solutions to help companies attract, retain, develop, and engage their workforce
effectively. Ensuring employee performance and productivity while adapting to change, balancing business and
people needs, and using a data-driven approach are vital to building your workforce entirely.

EIR WORKstream®’s Complex Calculation Engine

supports and enhances SAP’s Talent Management Suite by handling high-precision computations and algorithms to ensure accuracy. Designed and optimized for performance, it is ready to handle large-scale computations within a reasonable amount of time. For example, it is used to implement complex Bonus Calculation eligibility criteria

EIR WORKstream® is Built On

SAP’s Business Technology Platform (BTP) and fully integrates with SuccessFactors Talent Management suite to streamline your work by extending and personalizing the world-class solution. WORKstream (WS) creates personalized experiences across SuccessFactors business processes and provides businesses with the tools and environment to extend, integrate, and adapt SuccessFactors. WS combines data and analytics, automation, and integration in one unified platform. WS creates faster deployment of SuccessFactors, more comprehensive analytics,  and the automation of complex integrations. It unlocks processes and data and enables users to automate tasks and build quick, flexible workflows and interfaces.

DID YOU KNOW? Workstreams Comprehensive Reporting quickly aggregates, integrates, and summarizes data from multiple sources while ensuring accuracy and role-based data security. The reports, easily configured and formatted for presentation, help drive decisions that support your organization’s HCM processes.

WORKstream Data Driven Reporting

  • Quickly aggregates, integrates, and summarizes data from multiple sources, ensuring accuracy and role-based data security.
  • Easily configured and formatted for presentation, help drive decisions that support your organization’s talent management processes
  • Seamlessly extends talent management information for all stakeholders with simple, real-time, advanced reports.
  • Customizable reports can help manage budgets, allow quick analysis, and identify Internal equity gaps
  • Create frequency reporting with up-to-the-moment, accurate information.
  • Align workforce behavior with company strategy
  • Ensure legal and regulatory compliance and mitigate potential risks in data management.
  • Aligns talent management processes with corporate strategy, driving performance.
  • Ensures pay equity, determining competitiveness, and improving compensation practices.

WORKstream Automation Engine

  • Insures data accuracy and saves time by automating all manual processes
  • Improves quality and scalability of the SuccessFactors® talent management suite.
  • Fully automate the manual processes within your SuccessFactors environment for every business use case.
  • Helps with accumulating data history, consolidating data from multiple sources.
  • Transfers data between different applications, detecting and correcting data errors.

WORKstream Data Integration

Your unique business needs require integrating data from multiple modules or third-party technology. We identify SuccessFactors’ unique data structures and their interdependencies. The system detects and corrects data errors, ensuring data consistency and accuracy and providing security and governance.

  • You can integrate solutions with integrity without expensive or disruptive changes
  • Improves the quality of integrations, increases efficiency, and reduces costs.
  • Ensures security and governance are in place.
  • Enables organizations to integrate SuccessFactors® modules and third-party solutions with integrity and at scale to manage complex integrations without expensive or disruptive changes.

EIR WORKstream – Where Innovation Meets Efficiency

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