EIR WORKSTREAM’s advanced capabilities provide custom reporting to deliver advanced analytics that extend, and enhance SAP Payroll Solutions. Making it easier to Manage payroll for large workforces, across multiple countries that ensures consistent performance and accuracy.

SAP® SuccessFactors®

The SAP SuccessFactors Employee Central for cloud payroll management systems simplifies global payroll processes so you can pay employees accurately and on time.

EIR WORKstream®

Is fully integrated with SAP SuccessFactors® Employee Central, EIR’s WORKstream technology generates New Hire, Termination, and Change Reports for your Global Payroll team to prepare for each payroll run.

SAP® SuccessFactors® Employee Central

SAP’s Operating payroll processes across different countries and regions is intricate. Organizations must comply with multi governmental rules, as well as regulations, banking systems, and data security requirements. Teams often rely on spreadsheets and email to exchange data with in-country providers. Over time, using multiple vendors and data sources across several countries creates gaps in data. This results in a need for more integrated data flows between individual providers and the SuccessFactors Employee Central.

DID YOU KNOW? Integrating SuccessFactors Global Payroll with other systems can be both beneficial  and challenging. Especially because organizations can have unique processes and integration needs; EIR Workstream is designed to ensures seamless data flow between different modules, that not only safeguard and maintain data consistency that automatically updates for accuracy and efficiency.

Balancing Global Payroll Challenges

While SAP supports over 50 locales globally, staying compliant with each local regulation and legal changes remains a significant challenge. Most Multinational organizations find it very demanding to keep up with the various country-specific updates and requirements. Each client has different types of employees, payment schemes, and compliance issues are required to be kept date for each Country with the client’s current compliance requirements and position in mind.

EC is the system of record, and you are trying to streamline and standardize global payroll reporting. Examples include:

  • New Hire, Termination, and Change Reports by Country or Payroll Vendor.
  • Delta reports only show relevant changes for the Country.
  • Supports different report formats.
  • Supports different payroll vendors.

WORKstream’s Advanced Capabilities

  • As organizations grow or expand globally, EIR WORKstream helps manage payroll for a large workforce across multiple countries, ensuring consistent performance and accuracy.
  • Payroll runs often depend on data from other HR processes (such as time collection and benefits). Workstream improves integrations and comprehensive reporting.
  • While SAP provides standard reports, Workstream provides custom reporting and delivers advanced analytics capabilities.

EIR WORKstream – Where Innovation Meets Efficiency

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